Monday, August 13, 2007

Stars Around the Garden

Here's my progress on this BOM that our shop is hosting (and I'm the hostess). There are 2 blocks per month. The first month's on the on the bottom, second month is the middles set and the current month are the top two.

We signed up another person this weekend, so right now we have 8 participants! It's really fun to see how others are choosing their fabrics and using them! My choices are to reflect those of the shop (looks like the pattern) and they are so outside of my box, but I'm happy with the results so far - - except I do not like doing flying geese.

Off to finish a kitty row and get started on the last row for the Row by Row swap. Then I'm going to work on the stitchery swap! I already know what I'm doing for that one!!


  1. Your BOM project is just beautiful! I especially love the background fabric in that block on the lower left. Good choices!

  2. The fabric and color choices make these swaps and BOMs so interesting. You get a real feel for a person by their choices!

  3. Love that block of the month project! You might try the Eleanor Burns or Carrie Nelson methods for making flying geese--it is much faster, accurate and fun than other methods!

  4. Quilting Pirate8/15/2007 3:57 AM

    Re: Nicole said:

    Thank you! I discovered Eleanor's method during the week before I finished my blocks...but I did purchase both of her flying geese rulers so I'll be ready next time :D

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful blocks. I really like your fabric choices.