Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Five

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This week's theme: Batting & Backings

1. What batting do you prefer to use?
2. Do you purchase batting by the yard (off a bolt) or in a bag?
3. Do you purchase batting for more than one project at a time?
4. When do you purchase your backing (after a project is completed or while you are picking out all the fabric in the beginning of a project)?
5. What do you do with all the leftover strips of batting?

My Answers.


  1. Hi Toni, I use only Warm & Natural Cotton-except when I do something like an Amish type piece with a lot of black. Then I use a black bat. If it's too thick I separate the bat very carefully in order to get a more antique look. I buy the W & N from Hancock's of Paducah by the case when it's on sale with a friend and we split the 6 between us.

  2. jovaliquilts8/03/2007 1:25 PM

    I like Quilter's Dream. It has minimal (1%) shrinkage, which I like -- I'm not so into the puckery look. Easy to work with, too.

  3. I still tie my quilts so I use Mountain Mist poly. If I am hand quilting I use Warm and Natural cotton. I buy it in the bag whenever there is a good sale and I buy as much as I can afford at the time. If I see something that I like, I sometimes buy enough for a back but for the most part I buy the backing after I have most of the quilt done. As for all those pieces of left over batting.......ugh! I save the cotton but I push the poly pieces around trying to store them and finally get disgusted and dump them! I keep telling myself I will use them in a small project but after a while, it would take a lot of small projects to use it up.

  4. 1. I *always* use Quilters Dream 100% cotton, select loft. It's all I used in my longarm business for 8 years. I've seen baby quilts I did washed 200+ times and still looking great!
    2. In a bag, pre-sized.
    3. Depends - we live in a 5th wheel, so there's not a lot of space. I often have the batting sent to the quilter.
    4. When I need it. No need to match the top!
    5. When I had a longarm business, I cut rectangles of it and pinned it to my shoulder, then slapped all the threads I cut on it. When I had too many thread catchers, I would send pieces to friends for their stitchery work.

  5. Hi Toni, thanks for visiting my blog.

    For my art quilts I use wool. It's surprisingly light an fluffy, and the quilting shows up beautifully. For everything else I use W & N or Quilter's Dream cotton. I do NOT like Hobb's.

    I buy it in queen size bags.

    I usually buy one bag at a time, and that will last through several small art quilts.

    I buy backing when it presents itself. I already have the backing for my next project, one that I haven't yet bought any fabric for. (The price was too good to pass up.)

    The leftover scraps go into a box and are used for either small art piece or practice sandwiches.

  6. I use Hobbs 80/20 and buy it by the bolt.

    I don't purchase backings - they come from stash and are usually pieced from two or more fabrics.