Sunday, August 05, 2007

Show & Tell time!!

aka...picture pages!! :D

Here's what I've been working on this weekend....

First my selection in the new BOM over in LJ land:

And here's my first block - Card Trick. Not overly happy with it, but the directions were for 2 colors for the cards and I used 4, so winging the dimensions to work right was a challenge.

And another table runner, I finished the binding on Friday night and most likely will sell this.

Now after my day of sewing yesterday (more yakking than sewing and ended up assisting customers), I came home and started a serious deep cleaning project. I'm about 2/3's through it - 6 bags of craft, sewing, cross stitching and quilting supplies (going to free cycle) and rearranging my sewing stuff....I need more convienent shelving units and more usable space. With floor board heating it limits a lot.

So, any how when Carrie comes over on Wednesday she gets to see my newly arranged sewing area! Whew....I'm beat!


  1. Hey your Card Trick looks great! The secret to that block is the diversity of fabrics, and you nailed it - Good Job!

  2. jovaliquilts8/05/2007 5:58 PM

    Nice colors -- the lavender is surprising but it really works. Where do you sell your stuff?

  3. I have been cleaning my space too. Seems there's a cleaning/sorting bug about. Hope it stays around until the job is done and doesn't become another of my UFO's! LOL

    Hope you're better after the root canal too!

  4. My sewing room could use a bit of a cleaning but mostly just putting things in their rightful places after working on many projects. I have this habit of just leaving the mess from one project and moving on to the next. Noticed you are going to be part of the four seasons quilt swap as am I - maybe I will get one of yours this time?

  5. Lynn / vigilant208/06/2007 6:26 AM

    What a beautiful runner!

  6. Knitted Gems8/06/2007 7:28 AM

    I love the edges to your table runner (not square). It really makes it look more sophisticated.

    And I agree with Su Bee, your Card Trick block is great. I love the bright colors!

  7. Beautiful fabrics and great choice of pattern.

  8. Your card trick block is so pretty! I've always loved that block, and yours is wonderful! And it tend to look better with four colours than two :o) Look forward to seeing more of this BOM!