Monday, July 02, 2007

Long weekend. . .

so much to share and tell.

I visited friends and 4 new quilt shops, 2 that I won't be returning to, 2 that I truly enjoyed.

Then I got my Doll Swap II quilt in the mail - - - it's sooooo adorable. I'm very happy with it, especially being I had no clue it would come so soon! Took pictures and will be sharing that soon.

I'm exhausted from the weekend visits with my friends and the lack of tolerance my body has with too much things going on at once. Some days I just hate my body.

Anywho....I'll be making several posts over the next day or so with lots of pictures and info, but tonite I think I'm going to bed early - my body is just tuckered out.

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  1. The Calico Cat7/03/2007 1:39 AM

    Were the shops local? Do spill... Will you not visit the 2 because service or selection or? Why will you visit the other 2 again, considering that work in a shop?