Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Five

Here's this week's theme: Shop Hopping.

Again, feel free to post in your blog or leave a comment here with the answers!

This week's theme: Shop Hopping.

1. How many quilt shops are within 2 hours of your home?
2. Have you been to them all?
3. Have you visited other shops while on traveling in different states?
4. What is your favorite quilt shop?
5. Do you plan your trips around visiting quilt shops?

My answers are here.


  1. 1. Gosh, probably 20+
    2. No, but I wish
    3. Yes, of course!!
    4. Touch of Amish in Barrington, IL
    5. Not really, but I try to work them in...or at least within the US. Next time I got to Japan, it will be strictly for quilt shopping!

  2. 1. Probably about 30 withing 2 hours. And another 20 within another hour. The Puget Sound area quilters are thoroughly spoiled with shops.
    2. I have NOT been to all of them. Last week was Shop Hop (58 shops) and I made it to the 16 that are closest.
    3. Yes. In Montana and Idaho and Oregon and British Columbia.
    4. Can I have two? Shibori Dragon in Lakewood and Baside Quilting 2 in Olympia. Also, the others...
    5. I do not plan it around them per se... but somehow to the annoyance of my husband we often find ourselves near one LOL

  3. 1. Not sure. I am in the Puget Sound area also!
    2. I have been to most of them. In 2004 I went to 61 of the 64 shops in the shop hop (see my blog for today, July 5).
    3. Yes, Montana, Idaho and Oregon.
    4. Probably, Rochelle's, because it is closest. Fabric Depot in Portland is the best fabric store ever though!
    5. My husband and son are not too excited about stopping at quilt shops but they were impressed by Fabric Depot!