Thursday, June 21, 2007

More progress….

and I realize why I don't tend to complete too many quilts by myself....binding takes just as long to make and put on a quilt!! But I did it for 2 quilts today.

First quilt was one my grandmother made and never finished. I finally (with the aid of my color talented coworkers) picked out a binding and made it up today and put it on the edge. Just need to hand whip it up!

Then I finished sewing up my "Wave Our Colors" and now need to pick out some fabric for backing and binding at work tomorrow:

Then I sewed on the binding for the baby quilt and created a label. Made another drink - - I just love the colors in it.

And finished my 2 day run of Lord of the Rings Triology---the extended versions. Man, I still end up bawling at the end! Not like I haven't seen it a gazillion times. I enjoy watching all 3 when I'm focusing on sewing. I have several trilogies I watch while sewing.

Final picture of the day, my quilt inspector pooped out...Ms. Glory.


  1. The Calico Cat6/22/2007 2:12 AM

    Poor putty tat, looks so sleepy... My onw cat crawled up into my lap last night while I was trying to sew - I took that as a hint.

  2. Woo-hoo -- what a good day! But I have to ask; did your quilt inspector imbibe in the very pretty drink? LOL--
    Can I copy that little flag quilt? I like that alot!
    Binding is the best part - I think I finish just so I can do bindings.