Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday’s Quilt Five

Again, feel free to share your answers in my comments or in your own blog.

My answers are here.

Here's this week's installment - theme is Binding.

1. Do you make your own binding or purchase it?
2. Do you sew on your own binding or let the longarm machiner do it?
3. Double fold binding or Single fold binding?
4. Have you ever done strips/plaids on a bias binding?
5. Have you ever made binding on a scallop edge?

Some binding links:
How to Cut and Assemble Quilt Binding Strips
Continuous Quilt Binding
Making & Adding Binding


  1. I think I'm strange 'cause I actually quite enjoy binding.

    1. Make my own.
    2. Sew it myself. My mum's usually the longarm machiner, and she likes to bind too, so sometimes we end up fighting over it. Of all the things to argue with your parents about....
    3. Double fold.
    4. Nope. The top I'm working on now will have a striped binding, but I'm going to cut it on the straight grain.
    5. I haven't, nor do I see scallops in my future, but I've got plans for other non-square edges.

  2. Pieces From Me6/22/2007 2:56 PM

    I love the binding means I am finished ;)
    I make my own, double fold, sew from side on the machine and flip over to back and sew by hand. I use the little hair clips instead of pins. Never used a plaid or stripe, but think it would be cool. I have bound a small wallhanging with scalloped edges. I didn't like it as much but it looked nice when I was done.

  3. I don't like binding. By the time I'm to that point I'm more than ready to get rid of the quilt and start something new.

    1. Make my own.
    2. Bind my own since I don't have anyone else quilt them.
    3. Double fold
    4. I use straight grain binding but I've pieced fabric into stripes for bindings.
    5. No scallops!

    I also sew it onto the back first and then flip it over and use a decorative stitch on the top of the quilt since I can't stand hand sewing.

  4. jovaliquilts6/22/2007 6:14 PM

    I guess great minds really do think alike, because I posted about binding today, too! ;)

    1. Make my own.
    2. Put on my own.
    3. Double fold
    4. Have done bias binding, but not with stripes or plaids. But if I use those in a binding, it will definitely be on the bias.
    5. I've only done straight edges so far, but who knows what the future holds!


  5. Betty J in OKC6/28/2007 11:33 AM

    1. Make my own
    2. Nobody does it like me. LOL!
    3. Double fold binding
    4. Never been that brave
    5. I've done binding on a tumbling blocks quilt w/o squaring it off. Does that count???

    Welcome to Stashbuilders!!!
    Betty J in OKC