Saturday, June 23, 2007

It’s started….

I've started and have one side finish with the binding on my duckie quilt. I do not like hand work at a all, but I can do it efficiently and quickly once I sit down and do it.

I'm working today and plan to come home and finish it up. My husband is off to see Rush in concert tonight with a friend - so I won't see him again until he crawls into bed around 2ish. He will have a great time though! I need to get some tickets to a few concerts this summer!

The only other project I have planned to finish up this weekend is the charity quilt I have on the frame so I can turn it over to Project Linus group on Tuesday. I figured they can do the binding, being they have the time set on Tuesday at the shop just for finishing up PJ projects (and I don't like sewing binding :)

Need coffee.


  1. Rush concert sounds have a ton of quilty plans going on, and a lot of energy! I'm getting inspiried to get going!!

  2. Hope you met your goals. I have two to bind as well.