Saturday, June 23, 2007

Home sweet home…

what a day at work!! I finally pull out all my "stored" items that I have "pre-purchased" at work and brought them home. Most include fabric I have purchased for binding and other notions.

My co-workers were inspired to add borders to my Wave Our Colors table runner and so I'll be fixing that up along with the backing and binding by end of the weekend.

I have so much that I forgotten I had on hold and I am very committed now not to purchase any more until I get some of these things completed and maybe sold.

Actually that would be a good goal to get at least 20 items completed so I can sell them in a fall festival or something. . . need to ponder on that more.

Right now, my focus is this binding to finish up! What movie should I watch while I'm doing it? I'm kinda in a Grease mood :D


  1. Danger Will Robbins...or whatever his name is! It would be hard for me to work in a quilt store. I work hared to not buy any more fabric...for now!

  2. "Grease" would be a good one to watch. I haven't seen that in years. I still love to watch "Dirty Dancing" over and over. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" LOL