Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Grateful Thoughts

I love Fall, don't you?  Sure, there's the allergies, mold, crazy change in the weather - but I think the scents, colors, sounds and the flavors that come with the changing of this season out weigh all those "nasty" things.

I'm grateful for the changing of seasons and how each time it comes how I take time to evaluate how the seasons effect me.

I'm grateful for pumpkin patches and the day spent with family.
I'm grateful for the shorter days, cool nights and warm toasty quilts.
I'm grateful for the seasonal treats with pumpkins and apples.
I'm grateful for the ever changing scenery and the sounds of the falling leaves.
I'm grateful for the smell of damp leaves and wood pit fires that linger in the neighborhood.

What are you grateful for this Fall?


  1. I know I should be grateful for the cool weather but I am already freezing...I guess I am grateful for the shoes....HA!!

  2. I'm grateful for my (still!) healthy boys. Somehow, they've managed to skip the obligatory fall cold (despite the fact that I got the flu, even!). And, of course, I'm grateful for all of the beauty of fall-- the leaves, the blustery wind, the pumpkins, all of the gorgeous color... it is definitely my favorite time of year.