Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Mumbles...

Halloween is a week away and I have done some sewing that reflects my favorite holiday celebration.  I took my Pumpkin Grins by Quilt In A Day and enlarged it to about 45" - - I'm working on the binding which will be a scalloped edging:

I think I need to resize the mouth a bit more, but he's good enough for us.

I also taught a class for the Braid Runner and one of my friends missed the class but wanted a runner for her kitchen table.  This was the first time I enlarge one of these runners (this is my MOST favorite pattern/gift).  I add 3 extra braids - the picture doesn't do it justice:

And I totally forgot to mail out my Let's Bee Together block swap (being it was my month to mail), so all 11 blocks are in the mail today and hopefully will come back to me looking like this:
It will be fun putting those together.  I've made up enough for about 12 more blocks.  This was a great way to use my stash for a new project.  Now if I can find time and more uses for my stash I would be happy!


  1. Your Pumkin Grins is so cute and the table runner is so pretty. Can't wait to receive the fabric to make your block :)

  2. That is such a cute and happy pumpkin.

  3. Cute wall hanging! Love the table runner too. Looks like you've been busy! Welcome back to Blogland :)