Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Stuff. . .

I've been sewing a bit, but haven't find the time to, I'm going to do a some pre-posting to catch you up with all the pretties. . .

I got some wonderful blocks in the mail from Ms. Barb for my favorite things quilt (thank you  again Barb):
I need to work on a few new blocks this weekend!

As you saw my post yesterday, been sewing a Kaffe Fasset quilt for the shop.  I've never done diamonds before, let me say - I most likely won't ever again!   I also did another small sample with his fabrics with a new notion - - I'll show that tomorrow.



  1. Sweet blocks. Barb does a nice job. I like the circle and star block. Nice touch with the flag in the circle.

  2. The blocks you received are wonderful! I look forward to seeing the diamond quilt and the new notion :)

  3. I love your blocks! Sometimes it is hard to find time to blog. I'm glad you are going to catch us up.

  4. I love the blocks - especially the cupcake. Your Kaffe quilt is WONDERFUL!!!!!