Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tips!

It's Tuesday again!

This week's tip is a couple of my favorite notions as I have been using them over the weekend.

1. Thangles!  I only use them if my half-square triangles are smaller than 3", anything larger I use the traditional way of adding the 7/8"(though I add an 1" and just square down).  When I do use Thangles another tip I do is actually sew off the dashed line, closer to the center cutting line.  Then I square my HST down to the accurate size.  I never assume my HST are accurate unless I square them down.

2.  Quilt In A Day Flying Geese Ruler Technique and Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper Ruler together to make Flying Geese!  Well, first let me say, I LOVE Eleanor Burns tools.  I use to dislike making Flying Geese with a passion until I used her sets of FG rulers.  I own EVERY one!  There are 5 sets, at ~$16 each. Lots of moola.  As I was  teaching a class this past winter, I finally tested out Deb's Wing Clipper (and I already love Deb's other rulers - but didn't want to spend more money on another notion, when I had so many FG rulers already).  It works wonderfully!  I do like using the Quilt in A Day Ruler Directions though.  It allows you to make a bigger goose to trim down.  So, I recommend visiting QIAD web sites free patterns and find their directions to make the goose part (it will make 4) and use Deb's ruler to cut to size. Does that make sense?  If not just ask - I'll try to explain better.  Point it is, less money and perfect geeses every time!

What is your tip for this week?



  1. I love to make HSTs, but I just use the 2 squares methode - sewing corner to corner on either side of the line - I have no problems with whipping a few (100) out at a time. And I like to use the 'no-waste' method for making geese - no special rulers needed. My tip for making either of these - starch and press your fabrics before cutting - you will get less 'stretching' of the bias edges giving you more accurate piecing.

  2. Definitely agree with the starching part! And I'm BIG on pressing and pinning for accuracy! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the tip about using QIAD instructions with the wing clipper! I like the wing clipper technique but would like the end unit to be a little bigger so I can trim it down cuz mine are never the exact size. Going to give it a try!

  4. Great tips, Toni. Have you tried Ricky Tims way of doing flying geese?

  5. Thanks for the info on the tools. I'm more like Sharon with the 2 squares method.

  6. I have some thangles and I like them a lot.