Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Stuff. . .

I really have boring subject titles, don't I?  I just don't think to brightly at 5 am some morning.

Just a quickie give-away I wanted to share because it's a good one in my opinion, free pizza stone!  100 Days of Real Food 

I've been sewing, got inspired at JC Penny's last night when I saw these:
I love the green and the purple in these and finally started a project I've been working up to for over a year now.  I visited thrift stores last summer and purchased several pairs of plaid colored shorts.  So, I pulled out a set and started a proto-type sample. . . . I'm not ready to share all the details yet, but I've very excited with what I'm working with!  Just have some fine tuning.

I started to play with this technique yesterday as well (thanks to Ms. Cindy):  3 Seam 10 Minute Block.  I'm making a smaller block (cutting blocks at 7 1/2") using stash fabric and using a setting of 4 x 5 for a quilt top.  Should whip up pretty quick.

We were very lucky here in Oak Ridge, TN last night....Knoxville had a lot of hail damage and other wind issues from the storms here.  Going to be an interesting day to see the aftermath.


  1. Love the colors in the shorts. I love that 10 minute/3 seam block. Can't wait to see your's.

  2. I can't wait to see your blocks....and love the shorts, that is a true inspiration.

  3. So glad to see you are safe from all the storms in your area. A great block for stash busting - and as you say, very quick. Can't wait to see.

  4. I'm so glad that you escaped the brunt of the storms!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your 10 minute/3 seam blocks.
    Love the colors in the shorts.

  5. That looks like an interesting technique. I'm anxious to see what you put together. Not to mention those shorts-- love those colors!

    Sigh... makes me want to start something new too. :)