Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Five

I haven't done Friday Fives in many years and rediscovered them as I was printing my blog2print last week and I think it's time to try them again.  Feel free to play along and share you answers in the comments or in your own blog.

This week's theme for Friday Five is Quilting in General:
1. What is your favorite quilting technique?
2. What is your least favorite?
3. What is your favorite genre of fabric?
4. What is your least favorite?
5. Who is your favorite quilting personality?

My Answers:
1. Straight chain piecing.  As long as I'm set up I can speed piece and continually sew.  I always feel more accomplished with I'm chain piecing.
2. I don't have a "least" favorite, but if there is one technique I don't like the look of is raw edge appliqué.
3. Batiks.  Love how they look, feel, sew nicely and don't need to worry about too many winkles.
4. Mmmm...civil war and 30's reproductions.
5. I have several favorites, but the 2 at the top are Mark Lipinski and Pat Sloan.



  1. Hi Toni - I love this game!! Too many questions - but I can give a couple of really short answers so I'll play.:)

    1. Favorite technique - wonky blocks. After sooooo many years of trying to keep perfect 1/4" seams - I love the freedom of "wonkiness". It's so "liberating" as Gwen Marston would say - and makes some interesting blocks.
    2. Least favorite technique - "in-set" seams and mitered borders. I never did get the hang of stopping at the exact 1/4" point to make them look good - so I gave up and don't bother anymore. Life is too short to futz with them.
    3. Favorite fabric - Batiks. No question. Gorgeous colors.
    4. Least favorite fabric - can't think of any. I love them all!!
    5. Favorite quilting personality - Bonnie Hunter!! I love her Scrap-User's System and scrappy quilt patterns.

  2. Here are my five:

    1. Favorite quilting technique: Needle-turn applique
    2. Least favorite technique: Fusible applique
    3. favorite genre of fabric: Blenders
    4. Least favorite: Big, wild modern prints
    5. Favorite personality: Barbara Brackman

  3. My least favorite technique is paper piecing. UGH!