Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grateful Sunday Thoughts

This past week has just been painful in many ways.  The more I think about it, the past 4 - 5 weeks have been as well.  I feel I got "lost" somewhere and have given up my control to the wind, flowing along aimlessly and wondering around lost.  I don't like that feeling.  I end up being resentful and angry all the time.

So, starting this week off with a peaceful mind and pondering the things I am grateful for and re-centering myself in my own universe:

1. Knowing I can find time for just me.  Alone.  I treasure every second, minute - whether it be in the car on the way to work or before my kids get up in the morning.
2. Enjoyment in simple things.  Hot coffee, a everything bagel with cream cheese, power to run my sewing machines, the humming noises of my computer.
3. A paying job I enjoy.  With freedoms of creativity, socializing, and sharing with others my love for quilting.
4. Interactions with human beings - family, friends, strangers each does have a positive effect on my life daily, though sometimes it might be a hard lesson to see a positive, but in the end always a positive thing.

What are you Sunday Grateful thoughts?



  1. I am thankful for the same things in my life that you listed in your post (even the "everything" bagel) - plus one more - FABRIC. My sister re-re-wrote a quote for me once - "Fabric is God's way of saying - Sorry for all the sh**t!"

  2. Today I am grateful that Goldie has decided to "be nice" to the new dog Penny and Penny has decided to "be nice" to Goldie.
    I caught them laying down on the patio just 3 ft. apart. This is a big step toward peace and harmony.