Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm Grateful For. . .


I think sometimes I do take them for granted, but this weekend was such a relief as I pondered how wonderful it was to be here again.

I look at each day individually, they each have a set value of scheduling and planning and structure Monday through Friday.  Even Saturday morning with errands and house cleaning is structured.  But once Saturday afternoon hits, it's all about relaxing and taking care of myself.  Whether that be spending time with my family, shopping for furilous wants, sewing all day, or going out to see local scenery - I'm grateful for the weekend to take a break from structure and responsibilities of daily living.



  1. Yes, week-ends are wonderful. Find a home yet?

  2. I am sometimes guilty of trying to cram too much into a weekend and I always regret it. You plan yours beautifully, Toni, Just the right amount of 'down' time! x

  3. I grew up with the frantic Saturday mornings. I could never understand why my mum would hoover with such vigour and do laundry and the rest. Now of course I find myself doing the exact same thing. Just so I can have a relaxing Saturday afternoon!