Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday Design Wall - late....

Well, Friday night was a success! I was able to get several things done...it was challenging for me though, because I kept getting distracted. Yet, I finished all my holiday gift sewing!! Now, it dawns on me I can't share them until next weekend :( Dang!

Design wall is still my Ocean Bargello for this week - if I find sewing time. I'm sure after Wednesday, it will be scarce!

I've kinda put off posting in my blog due to lack of images, because I know everyone (me included) loves images. I did finish my commission top of kokopeli's:
I also am teaching the new Hoop Sisters Block of the Month program, Goose Tracks.  So, I've picked out my main fabrics for the project.  Had to laugh as my 17 daughter tells me (as she is looking at the picture for the quilt), "Mom, that will be hard!". 
(l-r) My backing, my outer border, my main background - yes, graduate colors - will be fun to design, light cream will be the "sky" of my geese and the teal my geese!  I hope to start a block this week (sometime).  I'm excited to get working on this! I'm going to use my leftovers from my ocean quilts as the filler fabrics. This will be fun!

I missed the lunar eclipse last night- - darn clouds in East Tennessee, but I have enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures.  Did you wake up to see it?


  1. Love the kokopeli's - the colors are perfect. I look forward to seeing the Goose Tracks! Didn't see the lunar eclipse - cloudy and I was sleeping :)

  2. DOH! We have to wait till next week to see all your gifts. LOL!!!

    That looks like a fun class but it does look challenging. Be sure to post pictures of the progress, I would love to see it.

    Marry Christmas