Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And so it starts. . .

the down hill slide to the holidays!  Halloween decorations are put away and new fall ones replace them for the next couple weeks.  Then December hits!

This Turkey day I'll be sharing it with local family and preparing only a few dishes verses the whole thing!  Next year I think I'll do the hosting of the feast!

Sewing has been sparse to say the least.  I have been working on other people's items and put mine on the back burners. 

I have managed to pull out 2 UFOs and complete them and enjoy them for the fall season!  Simple and quick quilting and doing the binding by hand, I now have 2 new fall table toppers. 

Speaking of hand work, I have almost completed my inner flower of hexies!!  I will be working on the all the yellow hexies now!


  1. Toni, as usual your work is so lovely

  2. Those table toppers look wonderful!!

  3. Your work is wonderful! I especially like the octogan table topper.

  4. Love your toppers!! I would love to know where to find the patterns. :) Thanks bunches.