Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Randomness. . .

Reading my Google Blog Reader and realizing, the next Frosty Flakes will be out TODAY!  Yikes, so need to finish the center embroidery on my own block - I had problems with it, but I'll figure it out and post tomorrow.

I spent Sunday evening going through two of my block of months programs I started over 4 years ago.  I mentioned how I don't have a lot of me time right now, so I'm working on my BOMs and thought this should includ my previous UFO ones as well.  Unfortunately, I remember why I didn't finished them - but time to put those feelings of fear away and get down to work.  It's wasting fabric just sitting in pieces in a bag.

First oldest BOM is called Out of the Darkness/A New Beginning - Pieced Baltimore Album pattern by Pam Bono.  I started this late 2006!!  Ugh, this monster is such a challenge.  Each 18" block has at least 250 pieces in it (a few have over 300 pieces).  Cutting alone for each block takes 4-5 hours.  Though as I look back at the 5 blocks I have finished, I realized I'm a much better piecer now and use different accurate methods, so it shouldn't be as challenging as it was before - though it will still take a lot of time.  I have cut out the pieces for block 6 & 7 and started sewing them.  My original thought was this owuld be my autumn bed quilt and most likely it will remain that way....granted it won't be ready til next autumn - - maybe  :)

Next oldest BOM is called Stars Around the Garden started the summer of 2007.  What's funny about this one is that I have already done it.  I purchased this monthly kit from a shop in Canada and showed it to my boss and ended up teaching it at Patches.  So, I never worked on the kits I got in the mail, just on the shop's sample.  Now it's time for me to do my own and it actually excited me!  I have ALL the fabric including the border for this one.

I have lots to entertain myself, now just need to get down to work!


  1. dejavu! I made both of these quilts! I made 6 blocks of the "Out of the Darkness/ A New Beginning" and turned them into 2 twin quilts. I just couldn't finish them, I was so burned out!

    My "Stars in the Garden" is laying on the back of my sofa, it is still one of my favorites.

    Keep going! You will be glad you did.

  2. Great BOMs. I have a few from several years ago that I pulled out and I can see an improvement in my sewing and piecing too. Practice makes perfect.

  3. Very pretty BOM. I need to get busy I haven't finished my stitching on my frosted flake. Can't wait to see your's.

  4. Two wonderful projects that will keep you very busy!!