Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Another day of busy-ness, but closer to the end of a tunnel - - - granted I'll always find something to keep me busy!

I spent time yesterday finding a place for everything. . . my husband brought me about 10 boxes of sewing room items!  Well, problem is I don't have a huge space to have things out in the open.  I have to really think my processes through.  I want to be able to organize items that I use the most in convenient spots otherwise they will never be put away and being in a small apartment, things needs to be put away and kept orderly.  I have a little more organizing to do, but here's my small sewing area (it shares the dinner room area):

I'm used to a whole floor (15' x 23') area for sewing stuff :)  My huge sewing table won't be used for a long while and I'm already missing it.  I can feel the difference in my elbows and wists.

I did sew for a little bit yesterday complete Month 1 Block 1 of my Stars around the Garden:

And I know my friend Jane will want to steal this quilt because it screams her colors....and yes it's Moda's original Kansas Troubles line.  Too bad I'm keeping this baby :)  Have Month 1 Block 2 cut out, might sew on it today.

Still need to finish up my Frosty Flakes and prepare the next one that is now available.

Plan to do some sewing today for commission work, should keep me busy along with back to school things.


  1. It isn't easy going from having an entire room for sewing to a corner. Something I do is keep my projects in gift bags under my sewing table, it elminates the need searching for everything I need.

  2. Love the block! I have a tiny sewing area too so I feel your pain.

  3. I am pretty new to your blog. Did you move? Is that why your sewing room is smaller. I used to have a small space so I know how you must feel. Your block is lovely.