Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank you!

I received in the mail yesterday a winning prize of Floriani thread!!  I love this thread for machine embroidery and had no clue I was in the running to win it!  Thanks to Ms. Rhonda's generosity, I won :)  Check out the other great responses to her post regarding ends of threads.

I've been doing sewing (of course) and finding new routines with school becoming more fine tune, including my working schedule.

I did pull out my bargello this weekend and promptly ripped out 8 rows and had todo those strips and realized I really need to share and document this project becuase of all the things I'm learning.  Look for that upcoming series this weekend, but here is what it looks like on my design wall (this is only 2/3's of it):

My design wall is 72" (6 feet) wide....and I have about another 20" of strips to make and add on, then several borders.  This is going to be huge and perfect to hang off my queen bed!

My friend Eleonore will be quilting it and we have discussed what we are going to do.....just need to get it done!

I'm doing more commission work this week, hoping to finish up my first lonestar!


  1. Very pretty, Toni. Can't wait to see your Lone Star.

  2. Gorgeous! I just love bargello quilts. The colors in this one are so soft and wonderful. Can't wait to see your lonestar!