Sunday, April 04, 2010 icons on my side bar...

well, now I'm feeling almost "me" again (there's still a piece of me missing, but hopefully it will be home soon) I realize I have some personal challenges to catch up on!!  YIKES!   It's amazing how quickly we can fall behind on goals we set for ourselves, whether it's because we are tending to everyone else's needs or lack of self confidence, it happens quickly and very hard to catch back up.

But I'm going to make that effort to catch up!

I have the Christmas Project Group and the UFO group to re-evaluate my goals.  So, it's a new month and here are my goals for this month based off my group challenges.  Need to find some kind of reward for myself if I do this - any suggestions?  Something up to $50.

UFO Challenge

I'm 3 months behind, though I think most of my UFO's are mostly started, so I can make them up---I think.  Here's the ones I will add to this month's goals:

As for my Christmas Projects, here are 4 I'll set as goals for April (of course the easy ones):

Whew...I guess I need to get sewing ASAP!!!  Any wagers on how many I'll complete?


  1. Toni lots of projects there. Pace yourself.

  2. LOL, I know! I'm trying to focus on one thing, but my mind has different plans :)

  3. You'll get it! Keep up the great work! Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. Check out the American Quilter's Society blog at:

    Keep up the beautiful quilting!