Saturday, April 03, 2010

My indoor gardening

I originally purchased my first Aerogarden over 2 years ago on the glowing review from Lynn.  Since then I have grown many herbs at ease.  Well this year, I've expanded a little.

I decided to try my hand at some lettuce and mix it in with my herbs in my 7-pod original Aerogarden.  Let me say WOW, lettuce grows like a weed and took over the Aerogarden.  So, I've had to rethink how I want to grow both crops.

Then for Valentine's day, I purchase a 3 pod Aerogarden to bring spring early into my home.  The colors and smell now are wonderful and just make my living room more cheery.  These flowers should remind blooming for the next 2 months, then I'll replant more just for my living room.

Last week they had a clearance sale on a 6 pod Aerogarden for $50!  Well, that is how much I paid for the 3 pod, so I jumped on the opportunity and now will use it as the herb garden and my 7 pod for my lettuce garden!  One day I might do tomatoes too, but being I'm the only one that eats them, it might be over kill.

Here are my 3 gardens.  The top one is the 7 pod, which I'm about to replant once I move my herbs into real pots later this weekend.  Next is my newly acquired 6 pod, it's started with herbs and lastly my 3 pod blooming beautifully:

I swear by the ease and production of these great investments.  It's a fun thing to watch grow and you have fresh herbs at your finger tips!  Just wish I had more space for a few more :)


  1. Toni , I have been wanting one for a long time. Where was it on sale? Will you leave the blooming plant in it or take it out and replant it somewhere else??

  2. If you go to and look at their clearance area, you can see what is on sale. They send me bi-weekly, email with promotions and that is how I got the one for $50. They are definitely worth the money. For the first time I transplanted a herb, my basil, into a real dirt pot and put outside over a week ago. It is doing fine, so it can be done and I do plan to do that with a few other herbs so I can restart my 7 pod with just lettuce. As for the flowers, I like them inside :)

  3. I had read about the Aerorgarden somewhere but lost track of it......can't wait to see how things turn out....I might just have to try one.

  4. You'll love it, I guarantee. So easy to just sit back and watch things grow ---then eat them!