Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Monday Morning.....

My youngest is still in bed, so we'll do the drawing for last week's challenge and post it tomorrow!

My finished my baby quilt commissions and they were received by the customer on Friday.  I'm so proud how it came out.  Kept the quilting to a minimum with x's and o's:


I also did the label:


And the customer asked if I could just quilt and bind this panel.  Again, I kept it simple with just following lines in the design:


Working hard on my diamonds commission quilt this weekend and feel I'm at the half way point now.  Hope to have it completed by end of the week!


  1. Love that cupcake in the middle of the quilt! And the label! :)

  2. The cupcake quilt is just perfect for a little girl. What a cute panel. Very cute label.

  3. The cupcake quilt is so cute! (And I love the label too!) :)