Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Stuff...

well, most of this doesn't have to do with quilting, but there are pictures involved!

Hubby and I made date night a traveling show!  We picked up my car, dropped off stuff to the mission, got both cars emissions done, then we window shopped at Bass Pro Shop, then Dicks and finally we ended up at the Howard County Fair!  Whew....just rethinking about it is crazy...we are nonstop!!

I took a few fun shots of the fair and only one quilt, mainly because all the quilts are covered with plastic and it's really hard to get a good image.  The one I did capture was incredible!  It won a ribbon and was hand quilt, the design mimicked the bias work.  And to top it off it was done in Raven's fabric!

DSC08361 DSC08365 DSC08366 DSC08370


Then driving home yesterday from picking up my girls, we got to enjoy a hot air balloon:


This weekend is a whirl wind.....whooshhhhhhhh....and we are off again today.  Spending morning/early afternoon at a Stitch and Bitch, then coming spending time with family, then off to hit golf balls with my new golf set...oh did I mention we purchase clubs at Dicks?? :)


  1. Good grief! I'm tired just reading that. I see the funnel cakes, yummy. So you've added golf to your hobbies?

  2. Toni, geez arn't you tired?
    Glad you went out and had some fun.
    I have golf clubs that get used maybe once a year. I like to ride , watch and have a few cocktails, much more entertaining than trying to hit the white ball. Did I mention cocktails??? LOL

  3. You did loads of things. Love the pics!!!!

  4. Wow, that is a nice quilt. Neat way to use Raven's fabric.
    Are you going to the Mo. Co. fair? I think we are going on Saturday.

  5. You know what, Toni - at least 3 of my friends - both virtual and otherwise - went to the Howard County Fair this year, and I and family will be in the area next August - we really should schedule a meetup! perhaps by the quilts :)