Friday, August 14, 2009


It's date night here!  Unsure what our plans are, but I think it's going to involve hitting little white balls.  I'll be sure to bring a camera.  I know you all want to see me "trying" to golf.

On the sewing front....I've been invited to a Sunday Stitch n' Bitch.  Granted most of the ladies are making garb (aka costuming clothing for the rennissance faire, which opens here in 2 weekends), I think I'm going to bring some quilting projects that just need to be put together fast.  I have 2 almost completed tops I need to whip together!

Pat Sloan asked me to show her my stuff!!  Ok, so I purchase the really cool new project bag from her at Hershey...I had no idea it was limited and special.  She now sells them on her site, but I'm one of the first--how cool is that?  I just love my bag!  So, what's inside?  Let's see....

Outside of bag....opening it from left to right...


First set of pockets, lets see what I have in them.  Again, l-r, I have a pair of reading glasses (I currently only need them for hand eyes are getting bad fast through), my licky grip (stuff to put on my fingers to keep them dry), my HandEzee glove (great for sore wrists), then some of my packets of hexagons to do where ever.


Next set of pockets, are the center ones.  The two pocket pieces in center are snapable!  Which means you can easily remove them.  More hexagons, just in case I need to share/teach my obsession with someone else (and I have), my reading book light (PERFECT for hand working in poor lighting areas), my Margaritaville lanyard with my purple embroidery scissors attached to it.


Last set of pockets. LOTS of stuff!!  My needle threaders (I have two different styles), pencil sharpner (I just realize my silver pencil is missing...mmm to find that), my basting threads, glue stick, a tape measure, tons o needles pocket with a needle holder that I was given, my newest love-my gel yellow thimble (I LOVE THIS!), my Thread Heaven (swear by this stuff when doing bindings), seam ripper, thimblettes (well, that is what i call them), open thimble by clover (I use this for bindings) and my tweezers.


Lots of stuff to pick up and go.  I actually have duplicates of each of these items in my sewing stuff, but this is perfect for traveling even to the living room from the sewing room :)

Wow...that was a lot of stuff...sorry for a long post!  But I have to share one more image with you.  I was clearing out my husband's dresser yesterday and I swear, I walked away for less than 2 minutes and came back to my assistant taking a break....


Ms. Glory was tired of getting up and down from the bed as I was folding clothes, so I guess she though resting here was ok.

Off to do some house work!


  1. sooooooooooooooo awesome!!! you have it filled up nicely!

  2. I like the Pat Sloan bag. Funny , cat in the drawer.
    If you email me please use your other account. I hope you have a great day.

  3. What a fantastic bag and it is filled with lots of goodies! Glory looks like a great assistant.

  4. I love that tote. You have gotten loads of sewing googies in there.

  5. That looks like a really handy tote!

  6. That would be exactly what my cat would do too!!! They are so snoopy.