Friday, August 28, 2009


I found another new thimble, that I'm so in love with.  I have tired several different ones over the past few years, but since I've dived into hand work this year, I have tried more.   And I have discovered some thimbles are just better suited for specific hand work projects due to how I manage and handle the specific handwork task.

I have been using this open back end Clover thimble for a couple of years (I have even had to put fingernail polish on the inside of it because it tranishes my finger).


Well, Clover has been making several new thimbles this year and from Spring Quilt Market, we ordered their new jelly looking ones and I used it for my applique work and LOVED it.  I like how it hits the side of the rubber and stays when I'm pushing in.  On the open thimble above the needle slides and "doesn't catch" right.  The open thimble though is still good for binding hand work, because it is a stronger needle for me pushing a needle through several layers of fabric.  This new rubber thimble is soft and I don't need a lot of "pushing force" when doing applique.


Again, Clover came out with a new leather thimble, which I've never been a fan of leather thimbles.......until now!  This fits sooo nicely and snuggly on my finger, I completely forgot it was there.  It truly feels like you have a thick finger pad! I purchased it yesterday from the shop and used it on basting for my hexagons and I just love it!!  I'll try it on some applique work tonight to see what it's uses will be.  I think it might be good enough for binding work as well.  I just am so impressed with it, I had to share.


What thimbles do you use and why?


  1. I use the second one with the raised lip. It is by far the one that has worked well for me.

  2. Since I have a lot of applique in my future, I'll have to look for that second one. I currently use an antique steel thimble.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing about the thimbles. I have a very old leather thimble, that has the metal guard. It is really so worn out, and I tried to buy another one, but it just is not the same quality (even though it is the same brand). Does your new leather thimble have the metal protection guard?? I really loved my old one, but I'm in great need of a replacement. I don't do applique, so it would be for hand quilting a quilt.

  4. I don't to applique, but I do hand-quilt. I used the Clover leather thimble with the coin in it for several years, but I just discovered the goat leather thimble and I use it for everything now. I love it! It's so comfortable and protects my finger no matter where the needle hits. I bought mine from the Purl Bee store, but it looks like they don't have them anymore. This looks similar:

  5. I use a 'homemade' one LOL. I bought a beautiful pair of purple leather gloves a few years back (they were very snug which is perfect for a good fit) and I cut the fingers off. The fit well and perfect for me :-)

  6. I don't use any thimble - I loathe them and did even as a child when being taught to embroider at school. Does't stop me complaining about my sore, red, stabbed finger though!

  7. aprilsatelier9/01/2009 9:17 AM

    My TJ Lane silver thimble, fitted and tested at the 2007 show in Rosemont, is my favoritest ever. :-D It is beautiful and SO comfortable!

  8. I've been using what is *probably* the same leather thimble (Nimble Thimble)... and have pretty much destroyed the two original. I've bought three in the last year. First two were thicker leather, and it seems as if the metal bit is shorter (double-checked the feel in one of the older ones I still have, and it really does seem longer in it). Of those two, one practically fell apart when I used it the first time - "ripping" along the thin portion where it was glued together for the shape, and coming apart between leather and backing, so I can see the metal bit. Second is doing better, but don't like the smaller metal bit. I stopped at Seminole Sampler the other day and bought a third - looked through all of those they had, and picked up the one with the thinnest leather - so far it's working like the originals, just that slightly smaller metal tip again. (To their credit, I was scolded for not bringing the messed up one back, but I told them that I wasn't certain I'd bought it from them, and it was in with a project somewhere at home).

    Still my favorite so far, though.

    Toni... that new leather thimble... how does it stay on your finger (not obvious from the photo)? And how safe are you from shoving the backside of your needle through your finger? (um, yeah... again, and recently... remember that "smaller metal tip" part?)