Monday, August 31, 2009

My first commission!

Ok, I have to admit it is my second technically.  I made a baby quilt 9 years ago for $25.


I've come a LONG way baby!!  I just did a great quilt and made a wee bit more that $25.  It is a Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson's Designs done with (mostly) Neutrals from Marcus Brothers.  I'm very proud of this and how it turned out and luckily so is the customer :)


I now can work on some things for myself this week, though I do have another commission project to finish by end of October (in time for christmas)

My dear friend Donna gave me lots of goodies yesterday when we met up for Starbucks...and I love my new clock for my sewing area:


She also gave me a few more things for the sewing area, I'll share those later.

It's back to work reality.  Just feels like it is going to be a long day!


  1. Well done on the commission - it looks great!!
    That is such a cool clock! :-)

  2. wow, toni, you are rolling. Your commission quilt is outstanding. I love the clock for the sewing room. I want to make one with a dresden plate design but I just cannot seem to get to it.
    I like the new pic of you and your hubby.

  3. Love how that turned out!

  4. Love the new quilt

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. WOW! The Yellow Brick Road in neutrals is awesome. The clocks is perfect.

  6. Congratulations! Doing something you love for some $$ is always a good thing!

  7. *Love* that clock!