Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something very cool...

and I'm going to do this for each year of my blog's existance.  Have it printed out!

Visit this site:  http://blog2print.sharedbook.com/blogworld/printmyblog/index.html

It will cost me about $40 each year for a hard back book, but having a book filled with my pictures and memories is soo cool to share with family and to have documentation on hand.  I was very impress with the preview!

I have no pictures to share today.  I've only living on 2 hours of sleep.  My life is about to take a drastic change over the next few days and unsure when I'll quilt or post again.


  1. blog book looks interesting for sure. whats going on?

  2. I hope it isn't too drastic........ what's up?

  3. A cool idea. Think I'll take this. Hope your changes are for the better!

  4. What do you mean 'take a drastic turn'???

  5. Thank you for the link! That is a pretty cool looking service.

    I hope you're doing okay...