Thursday, August 06, 2009

So you like blueberries??

I do...and I've had enough to last me this season that is for sure!  About 2 weeks ago my friend and I purchase (each) 20 lbs of berries for $35!  Such a deal!  But do you realize how many berries 20 lbs is??  Well, I do now!

It's been crazy over the past few weeks, but I finally made time to take care of my berries.  They were in a LARGE box (wish I took a picture of them before) and it protected them very well and I lost about 1 cup of berries as I started going through them last night.

I had given a friend 5 cups to make blueberry pies---YUM those were excellent.  And so, first thing we made (my girls assisting me) were muffins:


Mmmmmm....someone got to them before me.....

While the muffins were baking, I made my home liqueur out of blueberries--easy enough, 1" layer of berries, 1" layer of raw sugar, continue to layer, then pour in grain alcohol.  I made 2 bottles, one with vodka and one with rum.  Takes 6 months, to brew.  I top it off every few weeks as the berries break is excellent stuff---though this is the first time I'm using rum!   They will be ready in time for New Year's Eve!

DSC08312 DSC08313

Then I made 2 batches of Blueberry Lime jam....mmmmmmmmmm.....mental note, I need my friend, Sati to assist me.  I can not do this alone again.  I'm unsure, but I had several jars not seal properly-just means those need to be used first, but still.  It was frustrating and very hard to do by myself.


BUT WAIT......remember 20 lbs of berries.....I ended up putting 6 gallon bags (with 5 cups each) in the freezer for future use.  I do plan to make blueberry maralade as well.  But I think I'm done with blueberries for a while :)

Sewing?  I guess I was suppose to get a little sewing in during my day off, but just didn't happen.  Betwen the dentist, a personal class, and canning, I was beat by 8!  Sewing will happen this morning before I go to work!


  1. I love blueberries but they do not love me.!
    your treats look so yummy.

  2. We bought a box from the kiwanis i think it was.... 10 lbs. I managed to make two blueberry puddings out if it.... and then couldn't keep my daughter Beth away from them. Needless to say they were all eaten before any of them were frozen, stewed, jammed or anything.

    I guess we will wait for next year.


  3. If I go to Patches, can I have a taste of that blueberry lime jam?

  4. Oh yes, I love blueberries. We found 8 kiloes in the woods here two weeks ago. They are jammed and frosen, ready to eat this winter, either as they are with pancakes or in a blueberry pie. Mmmm...

  5. I'm doing the blueberry craze these days too. Made jam, but never thought of putting lime in it. Making muffins and pie and putting lots in the freezer for the winter. Your blueberry liqueur sounds like fun!

  6. I buy 30-40 lbs of blueberries each year from Michigan. I usually freeze all of them (I love to eat them frozen all year), but that liqueur sounds great. Hmmmm. I may have to empty out some wine bottles or something.

  7. Holy cow! That's a LOT of blueberries. I love the idea of blueberry liqueur. And those muffins look fabulous! Clearly, you've been berry busy!

  8. The jars may not have sealed because you had too much or too little headspace at the top of the jar - the jam needs to be 1/4" from the top of the jar. Also, the lids and the jars need to be warm before you put them in the water bath.

    Blueberry limes sounds awesome!

  9. I curious about your blueberry liqueur, and I'll definitely try it this year!

    What do you top it off with every few weeks... more alcohol? And how did the rum version turn out?

  10. Sorry, I never responded. I didn't need to top it off like I have done before. Both came out excellent and now just need a special occasion to use them!