Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm still around and FINALLY feel a HUGE load lifted off of me.  The past 3 months have been crazy with traveling and obligations I volunteered for....but as I look over the next few months, no traveling is on the schedule--well one road trip to Quilt Odessey in Hershey, PA.

I have offically become the new secretary (for the next year) for the Four County Quilt Guild, based in Mt. Airy, Maryland and the new president (for the next 2 years) of the Mid-Appalachian Quilters' retreat.  Call me crazy, but I wanted to help out.  And since I have these new obligations, I won't be volunteering for anything else for a while.

I have finished up another swap (putting in the mail today!) and signed up for another one (yep, I'm crazy).  Still participating in 2 year long swaps.

I haven't sat and sew at my own home machine in over 2 months.  I have done a lot of hand read that right, hand work.  In fact enjoying it a wee bit.  I'm taking a class at my shop with Mimi Dietrich on how to hand applique and having a blast!

I am waiting to show off my latest art quilt, being I somehow deleted the pictures I took of it and I'm sooo bummed...but it did arrive safely to its new home in Austin.  Ms. Anjea loves it and promises me a picture so I can share it here :)

I have no pictures to share --well, quilting related.  My family took its first vacation to the ocean and here's a group shot of some of the happy putt-putt golfers :)


I hope to get my sewing area organized this week and back to the grind.  I feel like I'm missing out on so many projects!


  1. well its so nice that at least you got some sewing done.
    do you see why i love handstitching so much.

  2. Yes, you're crazy, but in a good way. LOL

    On the other hand, you might benefit from some buttons that I purchased a few years ago. They read "Stop me before I volunteer again." "And again." "And again."

    And before you ask, no, they didn't work for me. ;-)

  3. Congrats (Yes?) on becoming the pres of MAQ. I keep wanting to check that weekend out and then forget about it until after it is over. It isn't that far away from me.

    Hope to see you at Quilt Odyssey.


  4. glad you are back and hope you get to sit down at that machine and sew away the hours!

  5. Oh my! You are so busy. Well done on all the new responsible posts, but try not to do too much!! Lovely pic of your family and I look forward to seeing your applique.