Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm a superstar!

Someone posted my Black & Limey in a lj community asking for the can check it out here.

I picked up TWO quilts yesterday from Ms. Penny....let me say, YUM!!!!!!  They turned out awsome and the one I was very willing to sell, well I think I'm going to keep now!

First, this is my Sand & Scrappy Surf --I was going to sell this and still might, but I just LOVED how this has turned out...thank you Ms. Penny:


And my Balip Pinwheels quilt (I don't think I ever named this one either....mmmmmm).  I love the detailed borders and the motion of the quilt.  I wanted the focus to remain on the pinwheels not the quilting:


I've machine sewn the binding strips on, now they sit and await the hand work part....soo exciting!!  I still have tons of quilts to be quilted and plan to drop off more with Penny next month!

Today is my Needle Nosh Class and these blocks were a lot easier than last months, just takes more time because there are 6  baskets (the 6th one will be done in class as a demo):

dsc072261 dsc072791 dsc07380

Need to get  ready for work....would rather be sewing.....


  1. Whoo-hoo! Congrats on the superstar status! ;)
    Oh, that quilt did turn out well.

  2. quiltingcindy2/27/2009 6:22 AM

    Just curouis, how did she get the picture of your quilt? I love the quilting on the Sand & Scrappy Surf. Congrat on your stardom, I always knew you were a super star. :)

  3. Ah - take a sick day Toni and get some sewing done - lol ! Great stuff !!

  4. lovely eye candy on your blog today.
    so glad you are back,

  5. you are most welcome toni! i'm happy that you were pleased w/my choice for the pinwheel designs as i thought it would match up w/your theme/idea. the sand/surf quilt was harder - the fabric choices are so different from what you normally use.......i had to ask: what does toni want for this? what would she really like on it? but, i'm pleased w/the final product & the border in the med. mocha color is awesome & photographs so well for you. if you do sell it, i hope it does well for you - my friends always enjoy your work on my machine frame! :) i think the favorite is the pp holloweenie one though! :)

  6. Lovely blocks and quilts!
    Kind regards,

    Beertje Zonn