Sunday, February 08, 2009

Anyone interested...

in joining a round robin?  This group of ladies did an awsome job and we had a very smooth 15 month swap....check more info out at Sharon's (the hostess this round) blog. Mine is here. We are a small group and space is limited, but the work these talented ladies do was/is incredible!

I spent no time on rearranging like I hoped....le's too overwhelming for me to do by myself. :(

So, I sewed bunches of cute valentines gifties....of course I have lots of mail now and I will be hitting the post office tomorrow morning.

Now I'm going to finish my Twilight's binding, so it's ready for guild meeting on Tuesday.  Oh and there's a new quilt shop in the area....about 20 minutes north of me.  Looks like a road trip next weekend:

Oh and please help me a little....look at my online book party from Scentry---runned by Cindy.  I can't say enough about these products!!!  I LOVE THEM!!  I have a beautiful warmer and several scents that are just incredible!  No cool is that!! I'm supporting a dear friend, but it's soo easy because the product will sell its self! Check out Scentsy and please add an order to my online party! (select my name, please)

I know you want's a picture I took when I visited my friend Stacie in Virgina Beach a few weekends ago....


More quilty pictures forth coming!


  1. Thanks for the advertisement. I'm sure the round robin will be great fun and another time I would jump at the chance. I'm not doing any swaps or anything once I complete the Mini Swap you are doing.

  2. Toni I really want to do a round robin but I will have to pass this time. Maybe next year when I am more caught up .
    I too ordered from Cindy and I love the outlet warmers.

  3. cre8tivecrys2/09/2009 7:36 AM

    I would love to join a round robin.