Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another Saturday. . .

I have a show and has arrived safely home.  I took part of the Mini Quilt in Bag Challenge.  I send my bag out late, so I'm in no rush to get mine back, but I did get my partner's quilt done.  I should have taken a picture of all the items she sent for me to use, but in the end this is what I came up with:


I'm unsure if Kristy has a blog to share (she never gave it to me), but needless to say, it was way outside my box and comfort, but I like how it turned out and Kristy did too.   She sent the yo-yo's, the ric-rak  and all but the yellow fabric.  I did want to add some leaves, but didn't make enough time to finish it.  It was a fun challenge. 

I also have another swap arrive finally to it's destination this week.....that mailing is soo wacked that I'm relieved it's finally home.

I've signed up for 2 round robins, Four Seasons Quilt Swap 5 and my current round of the booty swap.  That will keep me busy for the next few months.  Granted I'm almost done with 3 of those commitments.  I think with the 2 round robins, I'll be busy over the summer as well.  So, no new swaps for awhile.

I'm about to rearranging--my sewing area.  Don't know how, but I'm doing it.  I want a area where it's more contusive to having several friends over to sew.  Unsure how I'm moving things, but I've cleaned and picked up so all I have to do is push stuff around.....this could be interesting!

I'm sure I'll throw some sewing in along the way.  I have had this black and white quilt on my design wall for a month now---should just finished it up:


Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Toni I love the quilt you made with the items she sent you. I would never be able to pull something off like that. Lovely job!

  2. OOOoooh! Love your B&W blocks!!

  3. I love the B&W quilt! I have the same fabric I plan to use to make a snowball quilt for a friends who got married last October... I know a bit late. I may opt for stockings and a tree-skirt. Babs

  4. That block ended up really cute -- the rickrack is really adorable in it. And as for rearranging your sewing room, I'm in the throes of that, too. I got a new sewing table and I'm trying to figure out what works. Good luck!

  5. Hey I love the mini quilt...well done.
    Hugs Khris