Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I must really be sick....

after talking to several people who said the same thing, you don't sound well.  le sigh.  So, I'm home from work and feeling like poopoo and want to sew, but don't want the noise or the bright lights. :(  At least my sore tooth that has been bothering me the past week isn't a big problem anymore thanks to my dentist's care of meds and the root will be removed tomorrow.  I don't like dentists or root canels.

The house is soooo quiet, I'm enjoying the silence of no family and a very quiet puppy.  Took a long nap and will probably do another one shortly.  Having my chicken soup to make me feel better.

I have finished reading the first book in the Twilight Saga -- I am so enjoying it, once I got through the first chapter.  Problem is I couldn't find the second book at Walmart and I really want to read it next verses picking up another new book/series to read.  I went to and order it to arrive tomorrow :)

My friend Cheryl has done another binding job for me lickly-spilt!  She is quick and I'm grateful she enjoys doing them.  Save me time and she does a great job.

(this was in my drafts and was never posted, dunno why--but posting it now with the original date. 8/10/09)

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