Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello cold....

just a little note to say I was right, snow before Thanksgiving this year....not a flurry, but huge snowflakes!!  It was pretty driving through it last night.

I'm home and waking up this morning was really rough...ok, it's still rough, I can't get moving -- need coffee.

What a most pleasant weekend!  Jane came out of her shell (inserts strange hand movements in the air), Donna tried to cough up a lung to share, Cheryl caught up on her sleep, Jackie II finished 2 complete quilts (binding and all), Eva discovered her Christmas gifts to make and I whipped through lots of projects.

We all have such a wonderful time, we got to watch the sunset on Saturday, got to visit 3 quilt shops (2 there were new to me), got to laugh hard and there was sewing going on.

I don't have a full group shot, but Eva did send me a semi-group picture when we finished our "quickie" pillowcase project on Friday:


I'll put a web album together later this week, but here are my projects I worked on:





The second table runner was a little kit I picked up at the Dusty Attic on our way to the house.  The teaser picture is my Holiday booty swap and the last quilt was fabric given to me by a friend last week-I think I'm going to add borders to it through, I still have tons of fabric.  Plus 2 other pillowcases (which are already on my kids pillows) and I finished the main part of my queen size Sunflower quilt, just need to add borders to it.  It's too big for me to take a picture by myself.

Whew.....I don't think I have ever accomplished so much during a retreat.....granted I still have plenty with me I could have started in my bag! LOL

Well, I need...I have to move my butt this morning (which is moving sooo slow) to go to work.  At least I have some show and tell :)


  1. WOW...you got a lot done!! I am feeling the need for a quilting retreat.
    We have had snow here a few times already. It did not stick but it looked like a snow globe had been shaken up. I have a bad feeling about this winter....

  2. What a productive weekend!
    We had big fat flakes here, too, but it didn't stick (thank goodness -- I'm not ready for that yet!).

  3. Lovely projects and great choice of fabrics. Looks like you had a blast!

  4. You got alot done. Tablerunners are great gifts. You have given be something to think about and actually do. Take care.
    Snow! Wow. We are lucky to get snow by April......LOL....that's a joke. It actually snowed only in April for Easter. We were all outside screaming. It had never, ever snowed in April in Texas in my 53 years.

  5. Oh I like the sparkly fabric!

  6. Toni--visit my blog--you won an award.

  7. Wow! What a great weekend full wonderful of sewing!! :-)