Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You might be a redneck....

I apologize if that "slur" offends folks, but it's a long standing joke between my hubby and me.  He from Tennessee and so of course he's a redneck....well, supposedly.  He golfs and his neck is always sunburned, so again more proof he is a redneck.  He LOVE the Blue Comedy tour guys.....mmmm, well, I have a new "You might be a redneck if..." line for Mr. Foxworthy.  Ya, ready for this?

I have a 15 gallon fish tank.....well, like plants, all the fish died.  Hubby has discovered fish LOVE crawdads.  So he goes to his fishing spot and spends about 45 minutes looking for bait.  His solution is quit simple really...use something we already have and not in use, save some time the next fishing trip and keep crawdads at home!!! 

"You might be a redneck if you have a fish tank filled with crawdads to be used for fishing"

He came home a couple of days ago with 9 of these little suckers!!  And one of the HUGE ones decided to discover my home.....waking up yesterday morning I hear, "Mom, the crawdads got out!".....le sigh...if the hubby had listen to the non-redneck wife about placing something heavy on top of the tank, this wouldn't have happened.

Oh well, so we have new pets, but they only visit us for a few days :)  And no, I have no desire to eat them, baby lobster's - I think not!

I did some sewing and cutting today.  Adding incredible borders to my Citrus Fiesta top and even mitered the corners!  Now if I could get some of my tops quilted I'd be tickled.

Working the next 2 days and then I have a weekend off before my life goes a wee bit crazy! :)  Only 7 more days to fly out!!


  1. Crawfish =/= lobsters

    There's a reason they season them with all of that red pepper in Louisiana!! They live in mud and eat crap...lobsters don't deign to meet them at their level. :D

  2. Hey, at least he's ready at a moments notice to fish! Finding a mini lobster (though I've never believed that either, but the only time I saw them on a plate was at Mardi Gras at Universal back in the day...and no, I didn't eat one then either).

    I know...the vacation starts in 6 days! Its about 5 days too many! Mom and I were talking that we have been planning this thing for entirely too long and its been enough all ready, we just want to get on the damn boat.

  3. quiltingcindy9/25/2008 3:22 AM

    Did you pick the critter up with a pair of tongs? eww They are so yummy but it is disgusting to hear them screaming when dropped into the boiling water

  4. LOL I love the sunburned neck "proof"