Thursday, September 25, 2008


ok, I don't have time to read soo many blogs and I keep an eye on about 10 daily. I haven't received my Halloween Swap partner and I realized this yesterday....a week after partners were suppose to be emailed out. So, I read the blog to find out, I'm suppose to contact the hostess again???? Le sigh. I guess I relied on the hostess who had already confirmed I was a part of the swap, to contact me if she needed more info. I guess I'm not doing this swap now....I'm sooo bummed....I love Halloween and was so looking forward to this. Even created something already for the swap, since I have to mail it out next week before I leave on vacation. I emailed the hostess just to be sure I'm still in. If not, I might have to host a mini swap, because I LOVE Halloween and I want to swap with someone :)

EDIT - UPDATE: Whooo Woooo -- it's really the simple things that make me happy.....the hostess from the Halloween swap emailed me and I now have a's suppose to be a secret :)  So, once they receive their goodies from me, I can post what I made....YIPPIE!!!

What do you expect from a hostess? Being a hostess is a lot of work! I have done online swapping for over 9 years now. The hostess is the focal point of communication in my opinion. I can easily say, I spent at least 15 hours hosting my last round of the booty swap and I'm still working on it, 3 weeks after the send date. I know folks probably are tired of my emails, but it does help in creating a trust boundary with swappers. I've seen soo many swaps fall short and not all swappers receive items as expected.

Change of subject.....

Ya know crawdads do need to eat too....what do they eat?? Well, other fish bait of course...worms! Now watching 6 crawdads fighting over one long worm, to say the least, is highly entertaining. **shakes head**

Finished my round robin for tomorrow's class and did some cutting out of applique for a season quilt wall quilt I have a kit for. Trying to get as much as I can in over the next few days....2 weeks without a sewing machine is you can see I also have to get a lot of blogging in as well, so I've been a posting fool.

No pictures this morning, maybe later I'll post some....I know that is really what bloggers enjoy, seeing pictures :)


  1. quiltingcindy9/25/2008 3:19 AM

    Well the crawdad story certainly gave new meaning to cheap entertainment. ;) Men and their fishing. I've got my fingers crossed for you that you are still in the Halloween swap. I was at a Party Lite party last night and I thought of you when I was looking at the brochure full of Halloween goodies.

  2. I'm glad you got in the halloween swap. I am it and about 5 other swaps but it is an addiction. If you want I love halloween also and I am pretty sure I am not your partner and if you want to do a little mini swap let me know...

  3. yes, we do enjoy pictures and you always have really cool ones.

  4. Pets? how nice!!:-)
    Hope you're still in the swap. Knowing my track record, I won't offer to swap with you. Well, not until I get a whole lot of free time!!! (Maybe when both kids are in school!)

  5. You can keep the crawdads and whatever they eat. I would never have them in my house.

    I agree with you on hostessing swaps. If you want a hostess you need to be kind, gentle yet forceful and be willing to put in the time to make it successful for everyone.

  6. You know the easiest way to read a lot of blogs/websites at once? Do an RSS reader (example: google reader), just put in the website link and it'll find the feed and you can read sites you visit a lot all in one place. I use it and it's great. You can see a screen shot here.

    Other than that how you doing?