Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

this might be a bit difficult t' read or understand, but if ye put yer swashbuckler hats on, ye might jus' get 't!

Well, it's Talk like a Pirate Day again! Unaye if I'll be able t' keep it up all day, but I'll try.

Projects I plan t' work on today include another shop sampler and usin' some fat quarters I got at t' Harrisburg Show. We got t' Paisley Party line designed by Teri Aktinson's for Red Rooster fabrics at t' shop. It be such a great line! I think I need more blue.

I need more coffee t' wake up! Enjoy t' day!

If you want t' talk like a pirate for t' day, visit this translator: or t' main site for TLAPD:


  1. "Celebrate, me bucko! " "Have a great 'talk pirate' day and stay off o' t' plank."

  2. "I matee, ye be a talkin me lingo."

  3. This means I have been readin' your blog for over a year because I remember talk like a pirate day last year me bucko! :-)