Friday, September 19, 2008

arrrrr you.....

still talkin' like a pirate? You should be, t' day isn't over yet :)

I got mail! WOO HOO!! me first booty t' win through a blog offerin'! It's an awsome halloween purse from Quiltin' Cindy. Isn't it awsome???  Thank you again Ms. Cindy!

I had two wonderful mateys over today t' sit and sew. I think we all accomplished somethin'. I put together me fqs from t' Harrisburg show usin' a pattern called Between buckos from t' Happy Hour book. I tweaked t' pattern, I didn't like that 15" blocks and made them 10" instead givin' me more blocks and a less "choppy" look. I'm very happy with these results! I'm goin' t' do an inner border o' t' contrastin' blue fabric and a larger border o' some yellow paisley fabric.

Unaye what t' name it yet, but I'm thinkin' somethin' t' do with citrus, fiesta or somethin' t' work on some Halloween Churn Dashes for t' Guild's block lotto next month.


  1. Such a cute purse!! Lucky You! I love the new quilt! Love the colors can't wait to see what you name it!

  2. Well, you be a busy little pirate aren't you. That looks like a mighty fine top you've got thar, kid, (And a cute bag too! Lucky you!)

  3. quiltingcindy9/19/2008 4:14 PM

    Glad the bag arrived safely. I love the orange quilt.

  4. well my dear Fiesta sounds really good to me!
    Congratulations on winning one of Cindy's creations. Lucky you!

  5. Great job maintaining your pirate talk! I didn't find too many other quilty blogs that participated in this auspicious day!