Thursday, September 04, 2008

La la la la la la

sewing away on a few project...aka multi-tasking....again, I discovered I have several projects where I have most of my blocks done and just need to create rows.  My huge Sunflower quilt that is for my bed and the one I planned to have completed by end of August, was one pulled out Tuesday night and started doing the rows (on point) and I have about 50% of it together! (more than what is shown)

Then I pulled out my Orange Crush and finished up the blue start blocks.  I know why I put this one away, I just am not happy with it.

Did whip up a birthday block for a gal:

I finished up another little quilt to send for a swap, need to take a picture of that one.  And check out my DJ journal, I did my first reverse applique!

Yesterday, I touched/sew a little with 6 different projects!  I just couldn't stay focus!

Unsure what to do today, though I do plan to go to work shortly.

Who's going to the Harrisburg, PA Quilt show this weekend?  I plan to be there on Friday with 6 other wonderful friends in the pirate mobile.  Anyone want to meet up?


  1. quiltingcindy9/04/2008 3:00 AM

    Why aren't you happy with the blue blocks? Could this unhappiness leave when you get the top finished? It is very hard to work on a project when you are unhappy with it, I hope that changes for you. Love the birthday block.

  2. I have to miss that show...

  3. keep up the great work....wish i was close I would meet you at the show...
    Polly in Long Beach

  4. Wow, I envy you! You did so much in such little time.
    I wish I had that energy!

  5. I'm going on Sunday, will you be there too?

    sorry, Marlene, but I wasn't there :(

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