Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nothing like....

cleaning a house to prep for family coming in.  I normally wouldn't stress too much.  The fact is I'm NOT a house keeper, I'm a sewer.  I cook meals, do laundry, and will clean the toilet...but I don't mop, dust, vacuum or wipe down the walls.  I'm not embarrassed of my home, because it still feels like a home even amongst the dust.  It's not clutter (ever see Clean House on Lifestyle?) even.  My sewing area might get a bit disarrayed every once in awhile.  Yet, here I am cursing my husband at the timing of having house guests and prepping for it.  Getting new sheets for the bed, new towels, washing curtains, blah blah blah.....I know they aren't here to see the house, but they live a bit differently then we do.  So, to make their trip comfortable I feel the need to clean.....granted it's cutting seriously into my sewing time!!

I have done a wee bit of sewing....almost done with a top that I'm making for a swap and hemmed up the curtains from the living room.  I hope to do a few DJ blocks this evening.  Then back to cleaning tomorrow...I'm such a whiner :)


  1. Don't forget to take pictures! :D

    Of what??? My cleaning?? Wait til you see what I actually am doing with my sewing area........big computer desk is leaving tomorrow.

  2. quiltingcindy8/27/2008 5:03 PM

    I'm with you, I'm a quilter not a cleaner. I do try to keep the dust bunnies at bay and picking up, cooking, laundry for 2 isn't hard to keep up with.

  3. I love Clean House! (My friend watches a similar show on a different station - I don't care for that one with all of its piles...)

    I made my husband clean since his mom was coming.

    Shre said something about all of the stuff on the counters - we have "NO" cabinet/counter/drawer/pantry space - serious - you can come over & comisserate with me....

    So I told him, "Aren't you glad that I made you clean!"

  4. Giggle! Enjoy your company!!! You sound so much like me, I would rather sew instead of clean! I'm bad to make a path, knock the dust off of the top and let the rest go....until something like this company!!!!

  5. I have also been in cleaning mode therefore I have not sewn a stitch. We have guests this weekend too and I am actually embarrassed at my sloth, but after a full (well as full as can be with kids!) day of cleaning half the house actually looks quite good LOL