Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where to start?

Well, there's soo many things to say and stories from the past week I don't know what to say and I'm sure I'll forget something.

I throughly enjoyed spending last weekend with Anjea and having her come to San Antonio and bring me lots of honey jars and a big ole bottle of Volka from Austin.....ya know how hard it is to pack in your luggage all that glass and pray it didn't go over 50 lbs?? LOL It was at 42lbs....whew!! Needless to say, it was worth it! Thank you again Anjea! LOVE the new favors :)

Then the big kick off of the convention was Sunday night with the revealing of the new machine. It was pretty cool and I meet the youngest participate at the convention, Leah who is 12 and very bright and talented. Somehow amoungst 1600 people we continually ran into each other over the next 3 days! I started to tease her of being my stalker! :) She is from California and won a prize in the Sew Gallery Show. Again, great gal and she is lucky to have a great mom to show her along.

I learned how to use the new Designer Diamond and the Q-Bot piece that goes on a Mega-Quilter to automatically quilt for you (IT'S TOO COOL). Not to mention learning 2 new softwares, that I really enjoy!

There was a big closing dinner on Wednesday with free alcohol and dancing (but if you wanted a soda it was $3.50 for 10 oz bottle...yah, crazy!).

I'm still coming down from the input overload and meeting so many new faces/people. I went into work today to show off the new machine----that arrived on Thursday----and looks like folks are ready to purchase it....we have 4 in the shop, but I think we will need more by next week. :)

I spent the day sewing....well, cutting I think mostly. I'm kinda in a fog really not focusing on any one project--not good--just need to rest I guess.

Here's my pictures from my week away. I think it's bed time.


  1. Amazing photos!!!! I love that BOM that you are thinking about starting! What is it??

    The BOM is called the Garden Club and the blocks are done using an embroidery machine. The pattern came in this week and today I'll be picking out fabric for it, you'll get to see the progress! Thanks Kristie!

  2. quiltingcindy6/22/2008 3:39 AM

    Great photos! I'm glad you had a good time.

    Thanks Cindy!

  3. Sounds like you have a blast!

    I did have a good time, but I was exhausted. All better now! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Didja get a chance to try the Tito's yet? Curious what you think about it!

    I took a little is very smooth!! I was impressed. I'll make some drinks with it this weekend when I go to a pool party :)

    Sharon and Sati said thank you as well :)

  5. thanks for sharing your trip with us, glad you had a great the new diamond heavy? what are the benefits of it..over the others..any input from you would be great!

    It's weighs a little more than a Sapphire, a few pounds more than a SE. The benefits are the 360 x 350 mm size hoop, the fact you can leave the embroidery module on it and continue with straight sewing (yes, you can do this in other older models, but with limited space, now you have about 20" to the right of your sewing area), the screen is MUCH brighter, bigger and user friendly. The price difference between the 2 top line machines is $1000--which still amazes me (I figured it would be closer to 2-3,000 over). There really is alot of new features about 50 noticeable ones. I personally can't afford one (thank goodness I work at a shop where I can play all day with it :)) but I would if I could. The embroidery area is the key on this machine and the very cool luggage set that comes with the machine is a nice bonus. More info is on the website. Thanks for commenting!