Monday, April 28, 2008


ya'l expect a post from me daily? LOL  It humored me when my friend asked so what did you do yesterday, there was not post from you :)  Welllllll....I finished my Orange Crush Part 2, still need to iron them all and awoke this morning to see Part 3 posted and so before work I cut that part out and made my first piece from it.

And look what I picked out for my "Another Little Quilt Swap" today......I'm afraid to say too much to give it away to my partner, but I'm hopeful she will enjoy this selection.  I have designed it already as well:

Now I have a good idea what to do for my Miniature Booty Swap partner as well, just need to pull the fabrics for that one.

Back to speed sewing.


  1. Hi Toni,
    Thank you so much for my very sweet spring quilt!! It is lovely. You're applique work is beautiful, something I haven't learned how to do yet. Yeah!! Thank you for making my first swap a great experience.

    I'm so glad you liked it! I was worried, being I felt it was a wee bit simple. I actually used my embroidery sewing machine (yes, I cheated). Hope you can find use for the wool scraps I passed on to you!

  2. Some friends are really needy and they feel they must be informed as to your wereabouts so they don't feel left out LOL

    LOL....I think I feel left out too when I don't document what I've done/where I've been...scary, sometimes!