Sunday, April 27, 2008

There's something to say...

about a day spent with a good friend, good sewing, good shopping, good comfort food and trying to fix someone else's computer.... priceless.

The day started off with hitting the post office to mail out LOTs of things...$29 later. Then going to the UPS store to pack up 2 packages I sold on ebay. So, errands were done. I was considering, just to sit at home and sew or something, then Cheryl called and reminded me of what time I was coming over?! Ok.

So, by 1 we had invaded her sewing room and I went to work. Cheryl loves when I come over, she ends up with a more organized sewing room. I sew, she organizes :) I cut and pieced 2 blocks for the next person in my birthday swap. She requested black/white in classic block designs? Ok, well I did my favorite classic block and made a second one just because:

I also had to do a class on the fly on Friday (instructor was sick) and cut out the pieces for a block to show the class how to piece together and so I finished the block and will add to my "loner blocks" to eventually use in a top:

Then we hit Joann's real quick--I needed more black stuff for my Orange Crush Part 2 and we amazingly enough only spent $40 between us! There was those 20FQ tins for $15 and the mini companion angle ruler (that Bonnie loves) for 97 cents! A couple of remnants 50% off of lights to add to my scrap basket. Bargains galore!

On the way back to her place we saw "the castle"....this house is truly a castle and HUGE!! I wish I got a better picture, I'll try again next time I visit...but here's an idea of it's extraordinary view:

Came home, Cheryl made some awsome yummy grilled cheese sandwiches, perfect for the breezy cloudy sunset....then we played on the computer.

So, today I'm staying home--if ya'l want to come over and sew with me, you are welcome to do so! But I'm working on this challenge fabric for the block for the shop:

Then finishing up my Orange Crush part 2, Bonnie stated she is posting Part 3 tomorrow, so need to be caught up. And I might toss in some designing for my mini quilt swaps I have on my plates as well. So much to do.


  1. Sounds like a brilliant day! Grilled cheese sandwiches, sewing, organising, shopping: perfect!!!!

    I love the word brilliant! Makes me feel smart! It was a good day!

  2. That is certainly quite the house there!!

    Sounds like a good day you had - got lots of things done. Certainly you can't have two busy days in row!! Good to stay home on a Sunday and catch up :))

    I try to rest ever now and then, but I always feel like I'm catching up! :)Thanks for commenting!

  3. I had no idea you liked grilled cheese so much. We did hit the bargains! I like the FQs so much I don't want to cut into them. I would like to try the quilt patten that came with the EZ ruler. Looks very quick. We did have a perfect day. The basement computer is much nicer than the one in the classroom. Thanks for your help.

    I love grill cheese with Tomato soup as well...mmmmmm good. You're welcome. Sorry, I've taken so long to reply...I'm behind again on my comments :)

  4. quiltingcindy4/28/2008 3:15 AM

    Your blocks are very pretty, especially love the black and white. The challenge fabric is yummy and I'm anxious to see what you do with it. Have fun!!

    I stuck on the challenge fabric, but I'll figure something out. Thank you on the blocks!