Wednesday, April 09, 2008


it's been almost a week! And I feel out of control! Well, I'm off from work today and tomorrow and I hopefully can get back in some control!

My trip to Florida was total fun! While it didn't include any quilty related adventures, there was drinking, karaoke, beach and lots of rain involved. My friend play wonderful hostess and we celebrate my birthday in style at Margaritaville. I landed back in good ole Merry-land on Monday and went into work, whom were all surprised that I came in (even though I said I would and it was on the calendar :) ). Here's a picture from the weekend, my friend Stacie & I in Downtown Disney:

So, now I need to still unpack from the weekend getaway and haven’t had the time due to work and just exhaustion. Though by some miracle (and I need to actually get back into this routine), make a 3 9 patch blocks yesterday before work:

Then I realized after reading my April newsletter from the guild, yesterday was guild night. So, I called my friend Cheryl and asked her to go with me. Then the 2 gals from my Civil War Club wanted to come. I’m sooooo glad we all did. I totally forgot or didn’t remember that Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville was our guest speaker. I am signed up for her workshop this weekend, but I guess I just didn’t realize she would be at our meeting too…..tooo cool!

Let me say, Bonnie is incredible. While I have been through Quiltville many times and seen her quilts, read her quick suggestions and ideas, nothing compares to the visualization in person. She is funny, down to earth and I took NOTES! :) Her pictures on her website do not give her quilts true justice seeing them in person. Just incredible. She tosses out the window so many “standards/expectations” in how folks do their quilts it was refreshing. I know personally, it scrappy quilts have always been a challenge for me. I definitely think after meeting Bonnie all my walls came down on how to handle/make a scrappy quilt. It made me rush home and dig through my scraps! I just say enough on how inspired and impressed I was by her. I can’t wait til Sunday, so I can learn more from her.

Here’s a few pictures of last night:

Don't cha love pictures? I do and there'll be more this week, I do have many things to accomplish on my 2 days off....mmmm......I guess I should get off the computer and get to it then! Wait, I need to read some blogs :)


  1. Glad you had such a good vacation and a happy birthday! Wow, must have been great to hear Bonnie. Bet the class is awesome.

    Bonnie was awesome!!

    My birthday is actually the 22nd, we were just celebrated together - since we don't see each other too often.


  2. Belated Happy Birthday. I drooled over the pics, I mean aren't you a lucky gal to meet and learn from Bonnie! Can't wait to see what you get up to.

    My bday is the 22nd. Yah! Someone who drooled over my pictures :)

    I can't wait to this weekend's workshop!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Glad you are back, I've missed you!! I forgot that Bonnie was going to be up in your neck of the woods! How exciting to meet her. I just love how she puts things together.

    :) I guess I should have been clearer, we celebrated my birthday because she's in Florida, I'm in Maryland and we don't see each other too often!

    Bonnie is amazing. Reading her blog/website does no justice to her creativity in person!

  4. Yes I do love photos and I'm so glad you share with us. Your weekend get away sounds like just what you needed. Glad you had a great time.

    Thank you Cindy! It was a perfect weekend! Your comment email didn't come through, I hope you check back her to see I did comment!