Friday, April 25, 2008

Ooo giveaways....

Pat Sloan is having a giveaway...she needs/desires 500 comments though--talk about goals!  So, I'm helping her along with that goal (and my own chances to win something from her :) ).

First, here's my new purse made by the wonderful Cheryl for my just screams me!!

Now, granted I just switched my purses over this morning - so my purse was empty compared to what it was, but here's what I have it this one: A camera- I have carried one in my purse for over 3 years now, a PDA, Shades, packet of tissues with pirates on them, 3 pens, wallet (that has a lot of stuff in it as well), bottle filled with advil, actified, zantac, & alieve--my own drug store, 2 chapsticks, 1 lipstick, keys, mints, gum, business card holder, feminine items, extra memory cards (for camera and pda), a key ring with just my mini cards for grocery stores, Joann Coupon, tape measure, cell phone, ear piece., play along and comment in Pat's blog!

Now here's a picture of some progress of my OC Part 2--which I need to finish up before Bonnie heads south on the 28th, epp!

And here's a tease to my Spring Season Swap quilt....which is on it's way to it's new home:

Whew....I also have more pictures, but I think that is enough for now......


  1. Loved the birthdsy toes! And a great bag too!!

    Thank you Karol-Ann!!

  2. Darn! You just reminded me I have my CC part 2 to do and I'll be doing it without the EZ angle ruler!!!

    Do you need me to get you one? They aren't too badly priced here. Let me know, it's really no trouble at all.

  3. Hey!!! LOVE your new purse... pat sloan...

    Thank you!

  4. quiltingcindy4/27/2008 3:18 AM

    Pat seemed to be everywhere reading what is in other's purses. Did you see that she carries 3 cell phones? I have trouble keeping up with one. I love your birthday purses, it suits you, Ms. FlipFlop. :D

    She is amazing! I'm not an applique person, but so enjoy her blog and monthly newsletters. heheheh, wearing my flip flops now...I'm on beach time!

  5. I still need to iron my step 2 blocks on the OC! And I have already started on step 3! Step 3 seems to be easy, not too many of them.

    I'm so glad Step 3 was easy! I have about 40 more part 2 to iron...I iron my seams open, so it takes me a long time and I don't like to iron! :)

  6. I love the purse! Very nice!

    Thank you! I love it and have been asked several times if I made it :)