Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back to work....

tonite is Embroidery Club night. We are doing appliqué with Dalco products-should be fun!

I finished my Spring 4 Season Swap piece--taking it for show and tell tonite, but will be in the mail tomorrow! Also have several other things hitting the mail this weekend!

I have pictures....because they were requested....first my toes from my pedicure:

And next presents!! First is only a sampling of what Anjea brought me from Texas (there are about 6 FQ missing and 5 jars of salsa). She made the purple tote bag just for me---sweeet!!

Now for a pirate, there should be more piratey Sati gave me this loot for my birthday:

And this is my first time trying this out, but I made a video of the card she got for made me giggle! I'm not crazy about youtube, but I'll try it out.

Need to get moving.


  1. Woot! Cute purple tote! Love it! My fave color :)

    LOL Thank you, mine too!! :)

  2. Embroidery Club night sounds like fun. What do you do at embroidery club? Is it a group project or a new project each month? A night out with grown ups and crafts sounds great!

    I host this free club at my local quilt shop. We teach a embroidery technique and try to complete a project in 2 hours. This month was embroidery appliqué and next we will just play around making a pocket apron thingy for our sewing machines!

  3. quiltingcindy4/24/2008 11:42 AM

    ooooooooo, a new tote. A girl just can't have enough totes especially when they are purple. The toes look great and your birthday booty looks like things you will have fun with.

    Thank you so much Cindy!

  4. I totally dig the purple toes!

    I took that picture just for you!

  5. I just don't know how you do it all!! You stay on the go!!! Love the toes!

    Hello, you surprise and impress me Ms. Kristie with all the stuff you do daily...and running a farm! WOW! :)) Thank you!