Monday, March 10, 2008

wait...I have more to share....and it involves pictures

I'm soo rude and I apologize to Linda and Margaret for not saying anything until now. But I received my Winter Four Season Swap quilt this weekend.....I love it!!! Linda didn't have to make this for me, but I feel so grateful for her kindness and I thought this is soo close to mine, I don't have to make my own now :D What do you think?


Here's a preview of what I'm going to use in my new Four Season Swap....and it's soo soft and fuzzy and out of my box. It involves hand work, so it will be a challenge for me.


And for those out there doing the Civil War Love Letter Quilt, here are my 2 new blocks. Both are 9" and done with paper piecing. Again, working on 3 more. First one is Jersey Boys on page 96 and the other is Sweet & Gentle Disposition on page 248.



  1. All the blocks are fantastic, I especially like the Civil War Love Letter blocks. The fabric for the Four Season swap are yummy

  2. Linda was kind to make that little quilt for you wasn't she ? I love the colours of your Spring Swap - oohh - what will you be making ??

  3. Good! You got a swap quilt finally!

  4. I love all the blocks! The "Love Letter" blocks have really beautiful fabrics in them. I need to learn how to do paper piecing, I feel I'm really missing out. Ha! And I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Spring swap, love those fabrics!